New mobile App maps ethnically cleansed Palestinian communities

Photo Credit: Gigi Ibrahim

Photo Credit: Gigi Ibrahim

The Israeli non-governmental organization Zochrot is launching an iPhone app that will allow users to find Palestinian cities and towns depopulated or destroyed by Jewish paramilitaries in the war 1948 which led to Israel’s creation.

Ahead of Israel’s Independence Day, celebrated on May 5th, Zochrot created the mobile app based on Google Maps mainly to inform and educate the Israeli citizens about the Palestinian communities displaced and ethnically cleansed by “Israeli independence”. The Tel Aviv-based organization raises awareness among Jewish Israelis about the Nakba, the Arabic word for “catastrophe” used to refer to the expulsion and fleeing of more than 700,000 Palestinians in 1948. Palestinians mark the Nakba on May 15. (read more)

Photo Credit: Zochrot

Photo Credit: Zochrot

The iNakba mobile app will be launched in the eve of May 5th and will be available in Arabic, Hebrew, and English. The app will allow users to add pictures, share comments and follow updates on selected locations and will also give historical information on each location, videos and photographs. The app took two years to develop and will be available for free download from iTunes, with an Android version currently under development.


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