Hillary Clinton: Rich people to contribute to the growth of their countries

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent a strong message to the rich at the Clinton Global Initiative Monday, on day two of a three-day conference that aims to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. She criticized in her speech business people who don’t contribute to building their countries infrastructure, which is vital to economic and democratic development. The US official said the wealthy need to take on the responsibility of fostering fundamental building blocks of struggling countries. “It is a fact that around the world the elites of every country are making money. There are rich people everywhere, and yet they do not contribute to the growth of their own countries”, she added.

As countries seek to stop being aid recipients, Ms Clinton said taxes were vital to “mobilize their own domestic resources for long-term development”.

However, her first comments subtly reached the current tax debate in American politics, although the State Secretary does not by tradition wade into domestic campaign politics. Hillary Clinton talked about the collection of taxes in countries around the world. However, she was careful not to talk specifically about the US or mention political parties, but after speaking generally about her belief that all nations need to have a tax policy where revenue is collected in an “equitable manner, especially from the elites”.

Her remarks came at a time when Congress is deadlocked over how to reform tax policies with President Obama and the Democrats urging higher taxes for the wealthy, while Republicans oppose any tax increases.


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