Christmas-Themed Campaign for Colombian Guerilla Fighters

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Lowe SSP3’ Christmas-themed campaign “Rivers of Light” targets guerilla fighters in a new effort to make some of the revolutionaries to return home.

It’s not the first time Lowe agency launches a campaign in Colombia that targets guerilla fighters. Last December, the agency decorated nine enormous evergreens in the jungles next to a banner ad with the following message: “If Christmas can come to the jungle, you can come home. Demobilize.”

Bogota-based Lowe SSP3 partnered with Colombian government for several years to persuade fighters to “demobilize.”

The “operation” this year is called “RiverofLight” and it involves floating plastic balls filled with messages and small gifts from family and friends that will be sent down nine different rivers. The first wave of 1,000 balls has been sent down two rivers. The balls feature LEDs that recharge on solar power and remain lighted for about two weeks, according to Advertising Age.

Lowe’s campaign was inspired by a sort of guerilla focus group that revealed Christmas is an important event even for guerilla fighters and it showed also that it is more likely for them to travel on water than on the road.

“Rivers of Light” tries to engage the ordinary Colombians through TV and radio spots that encourage residents to write messages and send gifts to friends or relatives they know among the forces. Government soldiers are visiting villages to collect these messages and gifts and place them in illuminated balls. The Lowe’s representatives say this campaign can be characterized as successful if at least 300 fighters decide to turn themselves in.



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