‘One Million Stars’

Poverty is not an isolated ‘disease’. It is an omnipresent issue. More than 5 million Romanians live under the poverty line. It is a huge number and compared with the entire country’s population the situation looks even worse. Caritas Confederation Romania ( launched a campaign titled ‘A million stars’ than aimed to stimulate the entire Romanian population to contribute to one of the most ample action of solidarity with the poor families.

Romania is the European country listed at the bottom of the wealth list, with 23% of people living under the poverty line. Of these people, 1.5 million live in absolute poverty (with less than 8 Ron/ day). Insufficient and inadequate food, precarious living conditions, diseases and unemployment, lack of money for education are putting in danger the living of many Romanian families.

Caritas’ campaign enabled Romanians to donate 2 euro by sending a SMS at 859 (free call), between 1 and 14 November 2011. ‘A million stars’ campaign aims to gather funds to help 300 Romanian families and to enable the society can get actively involved in raising awareness and diminishing the effects of poverty that affects over 1 million families in Romania.

This was the third year for ‘A million stars’ campaign that will help 300 families to have their dream Christmas. The campaign raised 46,465 RON in donations in just two weeks. Even the campaign is over, the official website (website in Romanian) is still active and people can still make donations there.

Caritas Romania is member of Caritas Europe ( and Caritas Internationalis.


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