‘Children’s Rights Award’ for the first time in Romania

The Federation of NGOs for Children (‘Federaţia Organizaţiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Copil – FONPC) is implementing the project ‘For the triumph of our Rights – Children’s Rights Festival’, between September 2011 and December 2011. The other partners in the project are: UNICEF Romania, France Embassy, Wallonie – Bruxelles Delegation, Spain Embassy, Norway Embassy, Canada Embassy, Switzerland Embassy, Parada Foundation and International Organization of Francophones.


‘The Children’s Rights Festival’ aims to increase the visibility of the involvement of various people from different fields (education, health, social security, culture, arts, mass-media etc.) in promoting children’s rights.

For the first time in Romania a person who has militated for children’s rights, fought for them and contributed to the change in the children’s life will be awarded with ‘Children’s Rights’ distinction.

The registration of the candidates and the voting process will last between November 1 and December 9, 2011. The results will be presented during the Children’s Rights Award Gala, on December 9. For more information about the event one can visit the Federation of NGOs for Children’s website (in Romanian).

This award is a form of public recognition of the importance of this kind of activities. Besides the trophy, the winner will also receive a 1,000 euro prize.


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