Elections in Russia: Putin Claims Presidential Victory

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After four years as prime minister, Vladimir Putin returns to Kremlin as president for a third term. Exit polls and preliminary results gave him more than 60% of the vote.

Putin turned emotional and wept while claiming its victory. “I promised you we would win, and we won. Glory to Russia!”, said Putin with tears in his eyes. It wasn’t a surprise victory given the surveys before the elections that placed the Russian leader way ahead of his competitors.

However, his predicted victory didn’t lacked controversy. The elections were held against a backdrop of popular discontent and allegations of widespread fraud during December’s parliamentary elections in favour of United Russia party, Vladimir Putin’s party.

Trying to avoid any other fraud accusations, Putin ordered the installment of a vast network of webcams at polling stations that broadcasted live on Internet the elections. The $447 million project, meant to be answer to large street demonstrations in December demanding clean elections, didn’t satisfy Putin’s critics. Many voices doubted of Russian prime minister’s good intentions because the cameras didn’t broadcasted also the votes counting. There has been also an iPhone app that allowed poll watchers to report violations to a call center organized by the League of Voters. The app was developed by Moscow programmer Alexei Chistyakov, according to the Guardian.

Observer organizations declared there had been thousands of violations including so-called carousel voting (with busloads of voters being driven around to different polling stations).

The preliminary results, with returns from more than half the polling districts, show Vladimir Putin gaining over 64%. His nearest rival Gennady Zyuganov has about 17%, according to BBC News.

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  1. Mendeleevo. Elections frauds and people who fights against them.

    This is a movie about elections frauds in a small town Mendeleevo during President Elections 2012 and fight against them by its citizens.

    In December 2011 during Parliament elections Putin’s party “United Russia” lost elections in this small town. In the district 2820 they earned only 23,67% votes. But in March 2012 during President elections they have “raped” us and gave Putin in the same district 2820 74,54% votes.

    They came to our land. They thought we are Caucasus Republic. Who competes each other who has more votes for Putin. 96%, 98% 99% in his support. But they made a huge mistake. We fight.

    First part of the movie is about frauds, second about people who fights against them.
    All materials in this movie were made by others people. I just added English subtitles and my comments. If you want to get more information about these frauds you should contact these people, observers and journalists who were there. They are real heroes. My part was very small I was not even an observer.

  2. Don’t rent a car Russia is NOT USA!!It is 1- expensive2- not safe3 bad roads4 you can get lost eayavoerslly too much hassels, until you really know how to get aroundRussia i wouldn’t suggest you to do that.Take a train or bus.

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